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Camping & Hiking at Yosemite

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

National Parks are very well managed in US and during my last visit to the west coast I headed to the Yosemite National Park. This park is located in California. It was May 2018 when I drove 5 hours to Yosemite for a few days then another 4 hours onwards to San Francisco. The park is huge, the drive from the first entrance point to the park to center camp site took an hour! The site is very well faciliated, there are plenty of options when it comes to accomodation, from proper hotels to lodges, to camp sites etc. We stayed at the Curry Village which is the center of the park and booked both the cabin and canvas tents. A canteen and cafes are available for proper food and drinks.

The cabin is a nice lodge with our own bathroom, and heater. I'd say this is a slightly luxurious option but it's worth it when you are in the middle of no where with almost no wifi signal, if any.

The tent on the other hand is a simple shelter, a very simple set up for a raw camping experience. Each tent comes with heater and a food storage outside. We are advised to store all food there to prevent wild bears from knocking into our tents for food.

Everyone comes to Yosemite for the hike and to see the half dome where the movie Free Solo was filmed. There are many trials and the maps suggested routes for beginner to intermediate to advance hikers. During this few days, we tried the beginner and intermediate ones, there was one day we hiked for 8 hours until both my legs cramped.

Overall the hiking experience was amazing, especially we are surrounded by the true beauty of nature with breath taking views.

After hiking for hours, everyone got back to the camp early to freshen up and went out to get food at canteen as it gets very crowded during dinner time.

We were lucky to get a very clear sky at night so we got to just sit out there with a beer and looked at stars in the wild. It was the best way to wrap up the day fully embracing what the nature has to offer.

Such a lovely stay in Yosemite and I would do it again if I get another chance. Make sure to plan the trip in advance especially wanting to stay at the cabin, bring the right gears, from biking shoes, light backpack, caps, towels, snacks, torch, etc, AND SLIPPERS. I am sure there are other resources with better reminders but people come to Yosemite for a proper hike, so be prepared.

On our way out, we stopped by the first town Priest after exiting Yosemite for a night before we continue our onward journey of another 4 hours drive to Oakland.

What a way to end the Yosemite experience with this view. I will be back.




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