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Good Life Hunting is a platform dedicated to the pursuit of a better quality of life, created and curated by Us.
We believe everyone one deserves to understand themselves better and wake up everyday feeling great, healthy and living at the fullest.

Specialised in food and nutrition, keto diet, fitness and more. She wishes to share her knowledge to improve living quality.

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Iris is a multi talented freelancer.  She is a keto & fitness enthuistist, a certified flowerist, a certifed nutritionist candidate, an insurance agent and an amazing cook.  She has a creative and entreprenural mind.

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Extremely passionate in traveling, photography, art and healthy diet. He dreams to apply his experience to pursue a better lifestyle.

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Tim works in the fintech industry for 18 years.  He is passionate in art and photography and took a few years off to travel around the world and getting involved in various photography related projects and marketing assignments.  Tim was appointed as consultant at Magnum Photos in 2018.

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