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Gear Acquisition Syndrome

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

When we mention the word photography, very often people think of cameras. I am no different but there is more to that. I have been in love with photography for over 20 years and I learn that photography involves light and shadow, creativity, expression, presentation, post processing, printing, color management and more. Don't get me wrong, I too have once been very addicted to gears with a serious Gear Acquisition Syndrome (GAS), so let's start with talking gears.

Some gears I have possessed before.

I think it's a guy's thing, we all love to get our hands on the latest gears, and as we are done with the latest models, we start to pick a brand or two and dig into the history, and then return to the origin of film photography and full mechanical cameras. I have been through the process of playing with the usual Canons, Nikons, then Leica (Yes I am a Leica fan boy, more to share later), Fujifilm, Polaroids, medim format, etc etc. So much money has been spent but as long as one learns about it deeply and gains most joy out of it, then it's all worth it.

Cameras come and go, I remember the days when I have always been up to date on various forum on the latest and even become a frequent visitor at show rooms playing with new toys. It's a learning process to gain knowledge on the development of a hobby that I love. It's fun not only able to get my hands on new gadgets, but to learn how things work while reading up the history of all that enhance my passion to this hobby. I am all for it.

My Leica M9-P blessed by the legendary Elliott Erwitt.

Years passed by, I understand gears is only one thing, being able to make use of it is another. You can have all the gears as long as you have the money, but you need a high level of study to mature yourself into making good images. I recognizd myself with GAS and I made a point to stop and refocus on the other elements of photography that is more rewarding. Will have more posts to share my journey later on.

As of now, I still keep my favorite Leica M9-P (eyeing on a M-P or Q), Fujifilm XT-1, a couple of vintages that use polaroid and Fujifilm FPs.

Bottomline is, enjoy photography but not just blindly falling for the next new cameras. With modern technology, I honestly can say my iPhone is my everyday go-to camera. The iPhone 12 Pro Max produces high quality images, and with the right mindset and friendly apps that help to enhance the coloring, incredible images can be produced at the tip of our fingers.

Photography is great hobby I love, it's about the process of being in the situation, making use of the fundamental of light and shadow and composition, capturing the moment/image with the right gears, post processing and outputing for presentation.

Enjoy photography, not falling for GAS.



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